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Laser Bore Sighter(BUY 2 FREE SHIPPING)

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Jacob White (from the United States)

I broke my previous bore sight, so I grabbed this one since it was very reasonably priced. All you have to do is turn the battery chamber. This bore sighting laser is a huge money saver! I sighted in my 22 magnum rifle, and it was spot-on at 50 yards. you will notice if you spin the boresight, and you don't have it seated properly, the laser will actually move. Just make sure the laser is nice and solidly in place, and you won't have any problems at all. A very happy Hunter here.

Richard Andrews (from the United Kingdom)

Bought this to calibrate my Romeo5 red dot sight and it did the job perfectly. Also liked the elegant packaging it comes in. It brings various adapters for different calibers, batteries, screwdriver and instructions.

Fine Tune Your Sights and Improve Your Results

There's nothing worse than missing an easy shot whether that's at the range or out in the woods! It's very common but doesn't worry because that is why we've created our Adjustable Bore Sighter. Change your experience and achieve the results you wish now!

Product Features


Windage and elevation are adjustable! 

Quickly and accurately reset any sights!


Carry it anywhere as it's very lightweight and portable.


Get precise shooting and maximum accuracy with our laser.

Achieve better results

Improve your experience whether that's in the woods or at the range! Proven to work.

Shoot with Maximum Accuracy

The success of you landing your shot highly depends on your accuracy. Missing easy shots leads to a waste of ammunition and causes unwanted frustration, and we understand how you feel. Our Laser Bore Sighter will immensely improve your accuracy and help you save both on and off the field. Perfect for .20 and .50 caliber. Never miss a shot again.

Adjust to the Perfect Sight

Our Laser Bore Sighter allows you to quickly and accurately adjust and reset any sights. It is also windage and elevation adjustable, making it the most convenient and useful addition to your combat.

How Does it Work?

Achieve the highest level of Precision with our Laser Bore Sighter. Insert the Bore Sighter into the chamber of your firearm allowing the Bore Sighter to project a laser beam through your barrel onto the target. This will help you achieve the best results and highest accuracy.

What's Included in Your Kit
Our Adjustable Laser Bore Sighter comes with different tools, four adapters, six extra batteries, and a heavy-duty carrying case. It includes everything you will need to improve your hunting experience while packed in a lightweight and portable design.
How to use it?

Assemble battery

Insert batteries in the right direction into the battery pack holder

Insert battery pack into Bore Sighter

1. Insert the battery pack into the battery compartment

2. Align points (as seen in the image above)

3. The bore sighter will be ON when points are aligned and OFF when unaligned 

Choosing the right adapter for your barrel

1. Choose the correct adapter for your barrel (adapter sizes are in packaging)

2. Use the screwdriver provided to tighten the screw into the adapter and make sure it fits in your barrel!

Insert Bore Sighter into your barrel

Insert your Laser Bore Sighter into the barrel and make sure the adapter is stable and fixed into the barrel.

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